Suvera Online clinics

Health Partners are working with Suvera who are providing online clinics for conditions like blood pressure/type 2 -diabetes/cholesterol/cardiovascular diseases.

Please see further information below:

Our Online condition clinics for: blood pressure/type 2 diabetes/cholesterol/cardiovascular diseases allows you to monitor and manage your condition from home.

We now do your yearly reviews and medication reviews over the phone. Our online clinic allows us to give you better care by:

  • reducing your waiting time, we can see people much quicker online.
  • providing more accessible access to our clinicians.
  • give you a clear management plan.

Our online clinic also saves you the time and effort of coming into the practice to see a doctor or nurse face to face.

How our online clinic works:

  • If you’re eligible to use the online clinic, we’ll send you a text message explaining that we’ll now monitor your {blood pressure/type 2 diabetes/cholesterol}from home.
  • We’ll send you a link to our online patient portal hosted by Suvera. This is the secure platform we use to collect your information, like blood pressure readings.
  • In our patient portal, you can submit any information needed for your appointment. Don’t worry, any information you share with us is secure and stays confidential.
  • When it’s time for your appointment, you’ll speak to a clinician on the telephone. We’ll talk about your health and review any medication you’re taking.
  • Sometimes we might need to make a follow-up telephone appointment after a few weeks or months. This is to make sure any changes we made are working.

If you’ve been invited to our online condition clinics for: blood pressure/type 2 diabetes/cholesterol/cardiovascular diseases, you can use our online patient portal or find out how to opt-out here: