New Patient Registration

Enter your postcode below to see if you are in the practice’s catchment area. We are sorry if you are outside the area it means we cant register you, but you can find further information here about where you may be able to register. 

Catchment Area

We are open to new NHS patient registrations and welcome you to join us at Health Partners.

You can register as a patient by filling in the practice’s online web form and pre-registration form. Please click on the links below:

Alternatively you can download a New Patient Registration Form (GMS1) below:

When registering at the practice please enter fully: 

  • Current UK telephone number
  • Location of country of birth 
  • NHS number to track registration-bring with you your old nhs number available from previous gp
  • If you left country and rentered and the date of this 
  • Previous GP practice and previous home address 

Please provide to the surgery Proof of Address & Identification

Acceptable forms of Identification

  • Proof of Address – such as a Phone / Utility bill, Tenancy agreement within the last 3 months
  • Photo ID containing your name such as Passport, Birth certificate, Drivers Liscence

Temporary Services

You can register as a temporary resident with a GP surgery for up to 3 months. This can be helpful if you’re living away from home but do not want to change your home GP surgery. To register you’ll need to fill out a temporary services form (GMS3)

Please find below a Temporary Registration Form (GMS3)