How to Book a GP Appointment?

Health Partners at Violet Melchett aims to provide safe care where clinically urgent problems can be assessed and treated in a timely manner. Therefore, we operate a total triage system where all requests for GP appointments are now reviewed by a clinician. You can contact us online or via the telephone to request an appointment.

Patchs is our preferred contact method. The information you provide in your Patchs will be reviewed by a clinician, who will assess the clinical urgency.

Please follow Patchs web link

Patchs is an easy to use online platform, which will guide you through a series of questions, relevant to your query. This will help us to gather the information we need in order to prioritise how urgent your problem might be and to book you with the most appropriate team member. You will also be able to contact us via Patchs for administrative requests and to access self-care advice 24 hours a day.

Once we have received your online consultation, you will recieve a message in your patchs lnbox. The information you have provided will be reviewed by a clinician and you will then be offered an appointment which may be by telephone, video or face to face. In some instances, we may be able to provide you with the information you need by responding to you via a text message if a consultation is not necessary, or may direct you to a more appropriate service like a pharmacy.

Consultations will be prioritised according to need:

•    Urgent appointments will be reserved for the most unwell patients who we feel need a same day assessment
•    Less urgent problems will be grouped into those needing an assessment within 7 days and those that can wait up to a 14 days
•    Routine follow ups and long-term condition reviews we will aim to offer an appointment within 14 days.

If you need an appointment, a member of the reception team will call or text you to offer a suitable time and date.  (We will also call you back on a landline if you do not have a mobile number or IT access).

If you are offered a telephone appointment, we will advise you of the date and a two hour window when we will call, making it easier to plan your day.  If we cannot reach you at your allocated appointment time, we will try a second time.  If we still cannot contact you, we will send a text message asking you to contact us again on a different day if the appointment is still needed.

What about patients who do not have internet access?

You can still contact the practice as normal on 02074602222. A member of the reception team will guide you through a series of questions to assist our clinicians to gather the information we need in order to prioritise how urgent your problem is.

What about medical emergencies?

Please do not use Patchs in an emergency. Instead, please phone the practice on 02074602222. If the practice is closed then please call 111, or consider attending A&E if you feel your condition may be life threatening.

Appointment TypeWho will I see?When to book this appointment?
GP AppointmentGeneral Practitioner*Patients will be expected to first either submit an E-consult online or if no access to the internet to phone the practice 
Nurse AppointmentPractice NurseTravel Clinic | vaccinationsChildhood ImmunisationsPertussis Immunisation during pregnancyInfluenza vaccinationWound care-dressings Cervical ScreeningContraception adviceAsthma ReviewDepo injections and 
Health Care Assistant Appointment Health Care Assistant NHS Health Check ECGBlood Tests Influenza VaccinationDiabetic Review SpirometryABPM (24 hr Blood Pressure Monitor)Urine test


Your local pharmacist can give clinical advice and treatment for common illnesses such as colds, coughs aches and pains.They can also help you decide if you need to contact other healthcare services. 

Some of the services provided by your local pharmacy include:

  • Coughs, cold and flu
  • Earache and ear infections
  • Diarrhoea/vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis 
  • Emergency repeat prescription service
  • Urine infection and cystitis 
  • Raised temperature/fever
  • Emergency contraception 
  • Skin infections,rashes, allergic reactions

For details of your next local pharmacy and opening hours go to find pharmacy services

Extended hours hubs 

If you are registered with a local GP you can now access GP and Nurse Evening appointments at West London extended hours hubs.

To access this service call the GP practice and and ask for an extended hours access appointment 

The Extended Access Hubs locations and opening hours are:

 Violet Melchett centre30 Flood WalkLondon SW3 5RR St Charles Centre Health Exmoor Street
London W10 6DZ
Monday to Friday6.30pm-9.00pm6.30pm-9.00pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays8.00am-2.00pm2.00pm-8.00pm