These are the services we offer; you can see any doctor about any of the following problems:

  • Alcohol and substance misuse - please speak to a GP about a referral.
  • Asthma - if you suffer from asthma please book to see the nurse at least yearly for a review.
  • Baby Clinics - on Monday afternoons with a Health Visitor, a doctor is also present for eight week baby checks and post-natal checks. A doctor is on the premises at all times when baby immunisations are performed.
  • Cancer Care - if you have been diagnosed with cancer, please arrange to see a doctor so we may  help you access appropriate care and support to deal with your illness.
  • Cardiovascular problems - if you suffer angina or have had a heart attack in the past, please see a doctor at least once a year to monitor your condition.
  • Carers - If you look after someone please let us know at reception. We offer health checks for carers, as well as referral to local support and social services. In addition, Carers UK in partnership with K&C social services run clinics at the surgery every Tuesday afternoon to provide information, advice and help for individual caring needs. Talk to your GP who can refer you to this clinic.
  • COPD - our nurses would like to see you at least once a year to review your condition and our nurses perform spirometry testing to monitor you condition.
  • Dermatology problems - all our doctors are trained in dermatology. Dr Sian Powell has a special interest in this subject and also runs our in-house minor surgery service.
  • Diabetes - yearly checks are offered by our nurses. Dr Rees has a special interest in this area.
  • Epilepsy - please see a doctor yearly for your review.
  • Homeless and Refugees scheme - for information please ask reception.
  • Hypertension - please see a nurse or our health care assistant every year for a blood pressure check
  • Hypothyroidism - please arrange to have your thyroid blood test once a year via reception
  • Immunisations – baby and travel with practice nurse. Reception will help you make an appropriate appointment.
  • Learning Disabilities - please arrange a yearly review with a doctor.
  • Mental Health problems - we would like to review your care at least once a year. 
  • Minor Surgery - this is booked following a doctor's appointment - the service is run by Dr Sian Powell
  • Multiple Sclerosis - we would like to review your condition at least once a year.
  • Paediatric Care - all our doctors are trained to offer care to babies and children. Dr Suzanne Farrar runs our baby clinics on Monday afternoons. 
  • Phlebotomy - or blood taking. We offer a range of appointment across the week. Please ask reception to book you an appointment with Julia Jalilova, our Health Care Assistant.
  • Sexual health - we offer chlamydia screening for all young adults as well as general sexual health care and cervical smear tests via our doctors and nurses.
  • Smoking Cessation - this service is offered by Julia Jalilova, our Health Care Assistant.
  • Stroke - if you have suffered a stroke or TIA, please see the doctor at least once a year for a review.
  • Warfarin monitoring - our regular INR checks can be performed by our nursing team. Our receptionists will book you a suitable appointment.
  • My Care, My Way - we offer an enhanced service to eldery individuals (over the age of 65) who live alone or have significant health problems or social difficulties. Please contact reception for details.


Extended Hours

We offer extended hours surgeries outside of our normal core hours; these are during the evenings and on Saturday mornings. Please click here for more details.


Baby Clinic

Our Health Visitors run two baby clinics a week:

Monday afternoons form 13:30 - 15:00. This clinic offers routine baby checks, baby immunisations with the practice nurse and the eigth week baby check and post-natal examination with a doctor.

Wednesday afternoons from 13:30 - 15:00. This clinic is run by the health visitors only. A doctor is usually on the premises during this time too however should urgent advice ever be required. Both clinics are walk-in services.

Baby and child immunisations can also be booked by special appointment with a practice nurse should it be difficult for you to attend either of these two afternoons.


Travel (Including Yellow Fever Vaccination)

Our nurses offer travel clinic appointments to give travel advice and travel vaccines. Please book an appointment with the nurse at least one month before you travel. You can also download our travel leaflet here.


IUCD/Coil Fitting  

This service is no longer offered at the practice. It is available via local family planning clinics. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Coil checks are still offered. 


District Nurses

Patients who live within Kensington & Chelsea borough are covered by the District Nursing team based at Worlds End Health Centre, contact  020 7349 3286.
Patients who live within Hammersmith & Fulham borough are covered by the team at Parson’s Green, contact 020 8846 6782.



The midwifery team is based at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, and we offer a shared care service with the team.  Your doctor will discuss your ante and post natal care requirements with you personally.


CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse)

We have a Community Psychiatric Nurse to help those patients with mental health difficulties.  Please make an appointment with a GP to be referred to our CPN.


Text Messaging Appointment Reminders

We automatically text appointment reminders to our patients who have mobile phones.  If you wish to opt out of this service, please let us know


Text smear results

We offer a text service for smear results; please confirm to the nurse when having your smear test if you wish to receive the results by text message. Please note, if there is an abnormal result we will telephone you rather than text you.