Relocation update 

Relocation from Redcliffe Street to Violet Melchett Health at 30 Flood Walk and 1a Chelsea Manor St in Chelsea.
Across the summer we engaged with our patients to get their views and thoughts so that we can work together and benefit from a smooth transition.
In 2018 we pre-engaged with patients about a potential move, and we listened to their concerns regarding the additional travel to Violet Melchett. In response we will offer patients with reduced mobility a satellite GP service at Earl’s Court Health & Wellbeing Centre, 2b Hogarth Rd SW5 0PT.
We then had two years of Covid and Violet Melchett has been used as a COVID Vaccination site.
The Redcliffe Surgery relocation to Violet Melchett Health at 30 Flood Walk SW3 5RR and 1A Chelsea Manor Street SW3 5RP has been slightly delayed due to building work and we anticipate this will now happen by mid January 2023. Many of our patients will be familiar with Violet Melchett as they would have received their Covid vaccinations there.
Engagement plan
Our engagement plan has been discussed with and approved by the patient participation group and the clinical commissioning group.
To date, letters, texts and emails have been sent to all our patients with information and an invite to complete an anonymous Relocation Survey. Zoom and face-to-face meetings were offered to patients to provide thoughts and views.
Our engagement phase took place over a 6 weeks’ period this year, from 6th June to 17th July.

Successful relocation events
During this 6 weeks’ period, we had also hosted Relocation events via Zoom and Face-to-face.
Our two Zoom calls were offered in different dates and times in the afternoon, to make sure that it could be accessible to as many patients as possible. The Zoom calls were both fully booked, and a real success of engagement with patients, and has been cited as an example of good practice. 
A face-to-face event took place later in July to give the option to those patients who were not able to join on Zoom or didn’t know how to use the online platform.
Relocation survey 
The Relocation Survey was accessible to everyone:
      -Electronically: Google Form, or feedback sent by email to the dedicated email address 
      -Paper feedback handed at reception
      -Verbal feedback taken over the phone and at reception    
All the feedback was processed within 2-3 days by the Relocation Team, identifying our patients needs and concerns. Individual e-mails and communication were responded to personally as needed.
The most frequent questions were added to a FAQs document which was uploaded to the practice website, it is also available at reception and by email request.
Highlights of the survey and positive feedback:
Over 1,100 patients provided us with feedback in this period.
Out of all the patients who submitted their feedback, over 88% said they will stay registered with us.
These are some of the patient comments that we have received:
“I think the new facilities in a such beautiful building will be an asset for all. Please keep the quirky beauty of the building!”
“I am very happy with the proposal. Violet Melchett was my surgery when I lived at my previous address. The facilities are very good.”
“It will be just as easy as the current location (…) We are lucky to have such a good practice, with all the staff involved in our great care.”
“Good idea for you to have more space to offer a greater variety of services.”
“I am looking forward to it, as I have been with the surgery for 30 years.”
“No stairs, great to have improved and modern health care facilities.”
“I am pleased at the advances that are proposed in health care that will be possible at the new location.”
“I approve as more space for wheelchair user like me.”
Next steps
We are finalising the details of the move and will anticipate we will be operating as Violet Melchett Health from 30 Flood Walk SW3 5RR and 1a Chelsea Manor St, SW3 5RP from 16th January 2023.

Should you have any questions about the relocation that are not already answered on the FAQs, please email us at