Frequently Asked Questions FAQS's 

Thank you to all the patients who provided feedback across the summer so that we have been able to work together and will benefit from a smooth transition to our new practice.


1.When does the move take place and will there be a reduction in service during the move between Redcliffe and the new location?
The move will take place across the weekend prior to opening. The surgery will open to patients for the first time on Monday 16th January 2023.
We have an expert team that is dedicated to working on the move plan, and services will be minimally affected during the move. We will have access to all the facilities in advance of the move and during that time, we will be ensuring that all the systems are fully operational and working from telephone system to computer systems, etc.
The move will take place from Friday evening after the Redcliffe clinic ends. Our service will be fully operational from Monday morning in the new location.


2. Are the Doctors and the Reception Team moving with you?
YES – all our Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Health Care Assistants, Reception and Admin team will be moving with us.

3. Will the telephone number be the same? Will the queueing system be improved? 
We will keep the same telephone number (02074602222) when relocated to the new premises. 
We do acknowledge the frustration that patients do have with the phones and the queuing system, unfortunately we do have an older phone system which doesn't have the capability to inform patients adequately where they are in the queue. We are in the process of looking for new providers to coincide with the move which has far better technology in terms of call queuing. We are excited to get a new phone system and it will have lots of good data and information that we can gather in terms of knowing how many people are waiting, analysing call volumes, peak times, etc.

4. Will the process change to order my medication, and will my nominated pharmacy change?

The process to order medication will remain the same, and all patients nominated pharmacies will not change.

5. What are the addresses for Violet Melchett Health?
 In addition to the main site at Violet Melchett 30 Flood Walk, SW3 5RR , the practice will operate across two satellite sites: at 1A Chelsea Manor Street SW3 5RP (50 metres from Violet Melchett) and the Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre located at 2b Hogarth Road, SW5 0PT.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

6. Will I remain registered when the practice moves?

You do not need to do anything. As a patient of Redcliffe Surgery, you will automatically continue to receive General Practice services from the practice.

7. What are the new opening dates & times from December?
We will maintain the current opening dates & times: Monday-Friday, 8:00 to 18:30

8. Will the Hub offer weekday evenings or weekends?
YES – There is an Extended Hours service in Violet Melchett with Nurse and Doctor’s appointments available on evenings (6pm-9pm) and weekends (8am-4pm).

9. Are there any Tube stations nearby? What about buses?
YES - There are two Tube stations nearby:
•    Sloane Square (District & Circle lines) – 12min walk, buses available.
•    South Kensington (District, Circle, Piccadilly lines) – 14 min walk, buses available.
+PLUS a variety of buses available in the area: 11, 19, 22, 49, 211, 319
The stop Chelsea Old Town Hall is only a 3min walk distance from the new location.

10. Have the projected bus route cuts been taken into consideration?
We are aware of the TFL bus route plan and we are working on the implications of this. 
And we are also looking to engage with stakeholders that have an interest and support us in ensuring accessibility for the healthcare facilities, and its changing routes. There will be regular updates available on the surgery website.
Some of the routes that propose to be cut back have considerable local objection, and many are signing petitions to try and stop it. Public support can be helpful in stopping the bus routes being changed, so we encourage patients to be part of this local initiative and work together to achieve a good result.

11.Disabled access and parking:
Violet Melchett is fully accessible: There is a step free entrance a few metres away from the main building entrance, and there is a disabled toilet available on the GF.
There are several dedicated disabled car parking spaces available immediately outside the front entrance.
Disabled Parking – Blue Badge Scheme
The Blue Badge scheme is for people with severe mobility problems. It allows Blue Badge holders to park close to where they need to go.
Disabled Bay – It’s located outside 15 Flood Street (160 yd, 2min walk)

12.Is there any available parking at the new location?
Violet Melchett and Chelsea Manor St have no parking facilities; however, we have gathered the following options for you:
PayByPhone is a convenient way to pay for visitor parking during controlled hours in the borough by credit or debit card.
Pay-by-phone parking tariffs and maximum stay periods vary across the borough.
Read more about how the scheme works and how much it costs to park on the PayByPhone page. 
Pay-by-phone parking bays are free on:
-Sundays (excludes Holland Park off-street car park)
-Bank holidays including Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day
-Easter Sunday (excludes Holland Park off-street car park)
Outside of controlled parking hours anyone can park for free in:
-Any resident permit bay
-Pay-by-phone parking bays
-On single yellow lines
Private Parking
Parking Professionals Ltd, Sloane Square (14min walk) – One hour £7.75 / Two hours £14
Central London Car Parks, Nell Gwynn Garages, Sloane Avenue (16min walk) - £5 per hour

13. Is there any safe space for bikes?
There is no space for bikes within the buildings at the moment. However, following your feedback, we are happy to consider this and liaise with the RBKC Council to explore possibilities of installing bike storage facilities.   
Alternatively, there is access to Santander Cycles less than 2 min away from Violet Melchett. The price for 24 hours’ access is £2 (maximum slot is a 30 min ride, after this the bike has to be returned and a new bike can be unlocked at the exact same moment).
Location: 15 Flood Street (just before getting to King’s Road)

14.I have mobility problems and cannot get to the two new locations in Chelsea. 
We will offer a satellite GP facility at Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre, located in 2b Hogarth Rd, London SW5 0PT.
This facility will be primarily for patients with mobility problems. We will work out an operational module and explore the possibilities of opening the facilities for other patients if they submit a preference request. 

15. Who will you choose to be seen at Earls Court Medical Centre?
We would like patient and PPG engagement on this. Options include doing a search on the older age groups, who would be more likely to have mobility issues and doing a survey to gauge interest based on need. The main priority will be those with mobility difficulties or those at higher need for their medical care to be closer to them. We will also look at if it is possible to open up to patients with no mobility issues but on basis of convenience.

16.Will be easier to get an appointment? And with my preferred Doctor?
There will be more clinical space across the new centres, and the availability will be improved.
We will endeavour to provide appointments with the preferred Doctors always when possible ion order to support a personalised approach to care 

17. With the new centre being much bigger, how will you maintain the level of service? Are you merging with the other GP surgery in the building?
Although the new Centre is larger and offers other services, we will continue to provide a high level of personalised care, with all our current team based in the new premises. However, our patients will have the benefit of the use of co-located services on site. 
We are not merging with the existing GP practice that is in the building. Both surgeries will be based in the new integrated Health and Wellbeing Centre, however we will maintain our own identity and patient registrations.

18.What other facilities and services are available to patients at Violet Melchett Health? 
At Violet Melchett there is a flexible use of the space, and service provided 8-8 on weekdays and also weekends. There is a range of Community services, diabetes specialists, tissue viability, incontinence, mental health, and wellbeing. This is not fixed, and we are looking at gaps in service, and to ink people with activities they interested in doing. Including across all sectors and also the patient involvement thinking through what's going to work at the Centre. We are Interested in looking at our garden space to build a pleasant environment lots of activities not just medical driven for patients to get involved. 
Patients at Redcliffe have lots of ideas and we really do want to hear them and be able to consider, it's about helping people to live well for longer .

19.Is there any way to reduce the frequency of going to the surgery at the new location if I need to request a repeat prescription?

There are alternative ways to request your repeat prescriptions without visiting the surgery.
You can request it through Systmonline, our online systems provider, which you can use to view your medical records and request repeat prescriptions from the surgery. 
You can also write to the surgery by posting the request to us. Please allow extra time for any possible delays from the postal service for us to receive your request. 
Finally, you can ask your pharmacist if they have a chemist repeat prescription service. You can contact your pharmacy and ask them to request your repeat medication on your behalf if it’s on a regular cycle and you don't have the ability to request these yourself.