Data Privacy Notice

Your privacy, data and the law.How we use your medical records information-

  • Some of your data will be shared via summary care records.This with your consent will be shared with hospitals they will have a  summary of your medication, acute problems and any adverse reactions
  • For national screening programmes such as bowel screening,cervical cytology recalls, diabetes prevention and Flu initiatives 
  • We share information when the law requires us to do for instance for the safety of public or reporting certain illnesses or safeguarding vulnerable people.
  • We may also share data medical research purposes where data will be generic and unidentifiable without any patient data to identify people 
  • We will share data with local emergency services to offer you care also out of hours  
  • We share medical records with health people who are involved in providing you with care and this is on a need to know basis
  • By navigating on the website you can view leaflets and policies on the practice GDPR 
  • Ask reception for details how to opt out of data sharing activities