Patient Services

The following Services are available to all registered patients.

The practice is currently recommending all patients to sign up to the NHSApp where you can access a wealth of information, get advise on symptoms also have everything on one window to request medication and view your records

Managing appointment 

Is the easier and quickest way you can order your prescriptions online up to 2 weeks in advance also you don’t need to ring the practice or visit us instead you can do this on your phone or computer you can request anywhere anytime.

Viewing your records

You can now access your summary care record data and detailed coded
(without free text) retrospectively and Full access medical record (prospectively from July 2020 minimum. There maybe some patients where access granted will have to be further looked at before granting access because of safeguarding or sensitivity of access. If you would like access please complete the forms below and bring yourself with you a form of ID and we can sign you up.

Viewing of test results

Using online systmone you can quickly view information about your test results, there is no longer need to phone us or visit to book an appointment to discuss. You can use your phone or tablet, PC to view your results.

Proxy Access

Proxy access refers to access to online services by somebody acting on behalf of the patient and usually with the patient’s consent. To obtain formal proxy access a person must register at the practice for online access to the patient’s record.

The practice will provide online service access to patients as detailed below:

Age of consent

Services we offer


18 years and plus

Standard and enhanced access


16 to 17 years

Standard and enhanced access


11-15 Years

The practice does not offer online services specifically to this age group. NHS recommends practice adopts a cautious approach to allowing patients access to Childs medical record once reaching 11. We have decided to adopt the most suitable approach and withdraw parental access as soon as child reaches 11 unless exceptional circumstances arise.


0-10 Years Proxy access only

Standard access only

Practice level decision. parental access to child’s online service deactivate once child reaches 11th Birthday year